last updated 06/10/2016
Club Operating Budget

Operating Budget

Each May, every club must submit a budget request outlining their spend plan for the upcoming academic year. The clubs operating budget will be allocated for transportation and affiliations to approved national governing bodies. Transport to the following will be fully funded:
  • BUCS/SSS premier league matches, or
  • BUCS/SSS premier league play-offs
  • Approved affiliations to national governing bodies
The operating budget will include partial funding for:

  • Transportation to training/friendlies
  • National league matches

Operating Budgets will be allocated the following September.  The AU holds this money and uses it to pay for your car hires.
  • Please note that it can take up to a month for Arnold Clark to provide invoices, so it will take up to this long for your Transport Fund to be updated. It is important that you keep an up-to-date record of your own transport expenditures.
Clubs will not be allowed to go more than £1000 over their allocated Operating Budget. Once this limit is reached, Clubs must pay into their Budget in order to continue booking transport. This is to prevent Clubs from being unable to repay debt. Please note that in some specific cases this overspend limit may reduced.

Club overspends must be repaid by the end of May.