Affiliated Club Travel Policy 

1. Club Travel
 If a club intends to run a match, tour, trip, expedition or other travel outside of St Andrews for an event or session that is not BUCS or SUS organised their president must fill in the travel form, found here, under Travel, Conduct & Academic issues, before they leave St Andrews. This is absolutely vital for foreign travel. This form will provide the AU Office with sufficient information to be able to initiate contact with any individuals on the trip. Clubs may not be covered by University held insurance policies unless they use this method to make the AU Office aware of their activity.

2. High Risk Travel 
If a club intends to travel outside of the United Kingdom and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office  advises against all travel or all but essential travel to a part of the country concerned then the club absolutely MUST meet with the Athletic Union Safety Coordinator & President to consult on safety issues well in advance of booking any travel.Minutes of these meetings must be taken and kept on file until the club returns from their trip.

3. Travel Safety 
The AU Executive has the power to stop a club travelling if the club does not take appropriate steps to mitigate unacceptable risks to members. The AU Executive may impose sanctions on clubs who do not complete travel documentation or organise meetings as necessary.