Accommodation Funding Guidelines

Accommodation on a per a person per a night basis will be considered if:

  • There are matches over the course of consecutive days (in or near the same location)

  • OR travelling to a match requires a participating athlete to drive before 5am or after


  • OR travelling to the match day of will seriously disadvantage the performance of the

    team as determined by the Finance Committee

Up to £7pppn will be considered if:

           The competition is within 100 miles of St. Andrews
        o AND/OR the competition is at a lower level of competition than BUCS/SSS

Up to £15pppn will be considered if:

       The competition is farther than 100 miles from St. Andrews o AND the competition is at the BUCS/SSS level

Full Funding will be considered for:

  • Any Away BUCS Premier League or BUCS Trophy match

  • Any other event/fixture where a suitable case can be made

    As always, these are guidelines, there will be cases where different events/fixtures move up and down the scale for a whole host of different reasons, we encourage as much conversation as possible.

    Please note that we do not guarantee any funding unless we have been notified more than four weeks well in advance of the competition/event.