Healthy Body Healthy Mind

The University of St Andrews is delighted to be taking part in the nation-wide Healthy Body Healthy Mind award.

There are various stresses and strains connected to being a student at University and it is integral that students look after their mental well being. Healthy Body Healthy mind is an initiative that has been set up through NUS Scotland and Scottish Student Sport in attempts to promote a healthy lifestyle and mental well being amongst University students. Sport and physical activity is often a successful means to maintain a healthy mental well being and is a medium through which the University of St Andrews hopes to achieve this throughout its student body.

The Athletic Union and Student Services hold students' well being at the heart of what they do and hope that by participating in Healthy Body Healthy Mind, the student experience whilst at the University of St Andrews can only be enhanced and safeguarded.

Please do watch out for upcoming events hosted at the Sports Centre and around town with the Healthy Body Healthy Mind branding.