Club Treasurers' Responsibilities 

You will be responsible for the club’s finances. You should collect all money, bank it, and keep accurate records of income and expenditure. You are also responsible for keeping the rest of the club and the AU informed of your club’s financial state. 

Key Roles and Responsibilities: 

1. Ultimately responsible for the solvency of your club. 

2. Maintain and balance your club accounts using the Excel Spreadsheet and submit these when asked by the AU Treasurer.

3. Formulate and follow the budget plan in the Financial Agreement, that will be handed to you.

4. Submit claims, with receipts, to the AU. 

5. Collect and bank all monies owed to the club by its members

6. Reduce the financial burden on your respective club members by looking at other ways of raising money for your club

7. Make a speech to the club at the AGM reflecting the finances for that year

If you would like a meeting with the AU Treasurer then, email ( them to set one up. The AU Treasurer has office hours so that they are able to meet with club treasurers.