Incident Reporting Procedure 

1. What must be reported: Clubs must report any incident which resulted, or could have resulted in medical treatment (including first aid) being required. All such accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported and recorded so that the Athletic Union Executive can take action if necessary.

2. Submit a form. The Athletic Union Safety Coordinator must be informed of the accident/incident via the Accident/Incident/Near Miss Report Form within 24 hours of the accident.

3. Major Incidents: In the case of serious accidents resulting in hospitalisation, serious injury or death, please inform the University Management by telephoning one of the emergency numbers on the back page of Safe St Andrews Sport or on the card in your First Aid Kit.

4. Media Relations: It is important in the event of serious accidents and fatalities that disclosure of information is restricted to a minimum number of people and that:
  • Communications are made only to the emergency services and the University management 
  • Make no comment to the media or other parties. Cases have been reported where relatives have been contacted by the media rather than the Police or University Management following death, causing distress.

Submit an accident/incident/near miss report to the Athletic Union Office ASAP.