Safety Officers

Your role as Safety Officer is invaluable to your Club. Failure to comply with Safe St Andrews Sport (the AU's Safety Policy and Guidance for your Club) may result in the termination of your Club's activities or even more seriously, result in injury to one of your members. It is thus imperative that you understand your role as Safety Officer (see below) and also read the relevant safety pages. If you have any issues/questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the AU's Safety Coordinator, or the AU Vice President.

1) Your primary duties:

1.1) Develop safe practice and a safe culture within your club 
1.2) Act as an advisor to the Athletic Union on safety matters pertaining to your sport 
1.3) Ensure that your club members are aware of and comply with your club's safety policy

2) Administrative responsibilities:

2.1) Safety Policy 
2.1.1) Ensuring that your club maintains an AU approved safety policy 
2.1.2) Ensuring that all your club members have read and understood the policy and abide by it

2.2) Risk Assessment 
2.2.1) Ensuring that a comprehensive Risk Assessment for your club has been completed; detailing the risks and appropriate control measures that have been impletemented to ensure your club sessions are safe

2.3) Equipment Inventory 
2.3.1) Ensuring that your Club's Equipment Inventory is maintained 
2.3.2) Organising equipment cheques and monitoring equipment throughout the academic year 
2.3.3) Registering high risk equipement (imperative) and organising annual external equipment testing and regular servicing 
2.3.4) Planning and documenting all such testing and servicing over the lifetime of the piece of equipment

2.4) Affiliation 
2.4.1) Ensure that, where necessary, your club is a member of your Nation Governing Board (NGB) 
2.4.2) If your club does not/can not affiliate to an NGB, AU approved measures must be taken to ensure risk assurance is in place 
2.4.3) Agree with the AU of the cost of affiliation for your club via your club's financial agreement 
2.4.4) The AU covers the cost of club affiliation (excl. optional insurance cover) but NOT individual affiliation 
2.4.5) Certificates or letters documenting the affiliation must be attached to the Safety Policy

2.5) First Aid Equipment 
2.5.1) Ensure that an appropriate stock of relevant first aid equipment is maintained by your club

All Club Officers' Responsibilities

1). Club Officials have a responsibility for Club Members and any opposition during any sessions undertaken in the name of the club. It is the responsibility of the club officials to ensure that club safety policies are complied with at all sessions.

2). Session leaders have the authority to prevent a club member from participation if they judge the situation to be in contravention of the Club Safety Policy. It should be made unmistakably clear that those who cannot fulfil the requirements of the policy should not be allowed to participate. Any such incident should be reported in line with the incident reporting procedure.

3). Clubs must promptly report incidents to the AU Executive and any other relevant body (i.e. a University sports department or NGB)