First of all may we congratulate you on being elected as Captain or President of your club! You have no doubt been extremely committed in order to gain the position and should be proud of what you have already contributed - HOWEVER being elected is only the first step of your year ahead and you will need to be incredibly proactive in managing your time so that you can fulfil your potential in the role. 

The first message which you as Captain need to take on and to relay to your club is:
*You must aim to leave the club each year in a much better position than it was when you were elected*

If we can do that year on year then Saints Sport will really start to develop!

Spring/Summer months! 
Over the months between being elected and the new season starting you need be 
thinking ahead and getting plans in place for the coming year. 
As a new captain you'll be required to submit certain documents to the AU office:
  • Previous year’s annual report and AGM minutes
  • Sports Fayre booking form
  • Club Guide information
  • New Committee Contact List
  • Facility booking requests for the next session  
Things to think about for the next season: 
  • Do you need a coach for the following season? 
  • Do any fundraising events need to be planed?
  • Do you need to secure sponsors? (A lot of graduate sponsors give sponsorship out in March/April so you will need to be on top of this)
  • Do you need new playing kit or need to order any new equipment?
  • Do you need to be affiliated to your NGB?
One last summer job will be preparing for Fresher’s Week and the Sports Fayre in September.  Make sure you have your ‘Give-it-a-go’ sessions planned so they are attractive to new recruits (beginners and experts alike). Get a rota of your committee to be there on the day and make sure you've got lots of promotional material and that your stand is looking enticing. Remember good organisation is key as this is your main chance to recruit members for the year.   

Duties throughout the year
  • You are the figurehead for your club and will be the first point of contact for the AU
  • You need to look at developing your club on a number of areas - performance, participation and outreach
  • Organise a rota at the beginning of the year for Club Excellence sessions
  • Make sure you have enough officials for matches - make individuals do Reffin' Brilliant (course held here early in the year) if needs be
  • Make sure you have enough drivers and first aiders - tests and courses early on as well - organisation is key
  • It is your responsibility as Captain, to nominate your club members for Blues, Colours and Continuous Achievement Awards.  This is done in the summer term and more info will be published nearer the time. 
  • Let us know of any members who wish to try out to represent Scottish Universities as soon as you become aware of them. 
  • Point any elite athletes within your club towards the AU Office. 
  • Organise regular committee meetings and chair these. 
  • Chair the AGM - the club secretary needs to keep minutes of the AGM and submit them (along with your own annual report) to the AU President before the end of term.  
  • Be in regular contact throughout the year with the AU and keep them up to date of all good work going on!
All committee positions: please note that you should never contact external agencies such as the BUCS/SUS offices and NGB's/ sportScotland or the Lottery etc without speaking to the AU management first.