Club Bookings

As Saints Sport develops so increases the demand on the facility.  Club sessions are allocated as fairly as possible but it is simply not possible to give everyone everything that they would wish for.  If you have any questions about any of your allocated facility bookings please contact the Student Sport Development Manager.

Whenever necessary, training sessions may be subject to change or cancellation if there is an unavoidable clash with an event or fixture.  However, such changes will be communicated to the clubs affected at the earliest opportunity and, where possible, alternatives offered.  If a club is not going to use a particular session for any reason, it is VITAL that the session is cancelled using the form below.  This is the ONLY way to cancel sessions and the form must be filled in at least two working days in advance or a fine will be issued. Emails or Phone calls will not be accepted as a method of making cancellations (unless in an emergency).  If a club fails to cancel any of their unwanted bookings they run the risk of being fined or having their facility allocation reviewed.