Saints Leadership Programme


The Saints Leadership programme is a new initiative for 2012/13. Students in leadership roles within the Focus Clubs, or with potential to occupy a leadership role in future, will be invited to take part. The number of available places each year is strictly limited.


For those students taking part, the Saints Leadership programme consists of 7 workshops, each of which focuses on a different element of leadership. Topics include leadership styles, fixed v growth mind-sets, motivational climates, leading change and understanding thinking styles. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own leadership capabilities whilst also making a positive contribution to the culture of their club, and will work with their Director of Sport throughout. Participants who complete the programme will be recognised via a Saints Leadership Award, as well as having an enhanced set of transferrable skills. To help pass the learning on, participants will be asked to mentor up-and-coming leaders within their club.


The programme is supported by the Performance Sport Manager, Directors of Sport, Athletic Union and the Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development.