Athletic Union President

The AU President is a full time, sabbatical role, which:
  • Represents the sporting interests of students at the University of St Andrews
  • Promotes the widest variety of, widest participation and highest standards of student physical activity
  • Promotes and defends the availability of the widest possible variety of student opportunities and facilities for physical activity

As President of the Athletic Union you are ultimately responsible for 52 affiliated sports clubs, totalling around 2500 students that are directly affected by your decisions. You will be in charge of running the annual sports fayre as well as a Give-It-A-Go Sports Day where hundreds of new students are introduced to the world of university sport. And that's just before you even got started.

The AU President is the person responsible for the smooth running of nearly 300 fixtures spread over two semesters: It's not always easy: exams, weather and any number of other factors might get in the way and require astute searching for solutions. But the good thing is, you are not on your own: the AU committee is there to help and support you by dealing with areas such as accounts, minutes and the AU Ball! The Governing Board of the Athletic Union will give you feedback on your ideas on where you want to take the Athletic Union and be the body that you are ultimately answerable to. The Athletic Union also works very amicably alongside the Department of Sport and Exercise whose staff are also a valuable source of help.

Of course, your role will not just involve staying in St Andrews: As part of the larger university community in Scotland, SUS (Scottish University Sport), all the AU Presidents meet regularly at venues across the nation to discuss current events, share best practice and, naturally, have great nights out! The close links with colleagues at other universities make your daily job a lot easier: they are skeen to get matches played in a fair environment but also can provide a listening ear in times when you just need to rant. SUS is currently gaining more and more clout in BUCS, the UK-wide student sporting association: this means that when you get involved in SUS, you potentially affect university sport throughout Britain.

It's an exciting year with many challenges. It's up to you: can you do it?

The AU Presidents responsibilities primarily involve:

  • Represent the AU to the students and the students of the AU to the DSE, the wider university and wider society
  • Engage with any sporting concerns held by students at St Andrews
  • Develop and implement AU strategy for the promotion and provision of student sport at all levels across the University based on election aims
Internal & External Liaison
  • Liaise with e.g. the Sabb team, Estates, Directors of Service Units, Club captains and members to ensure sport is recognised by the university
  • Manage the AU Executive team
  • Liaise with e.g. SUS, BUCS, NGBs and with media outlets
  • Act as the contact for and re-arrange postponed fixtures
  • Organise club BUCS and SUS fixtures during the regular seasons
Club Discipline
  • Take the lead on disciplinary activity e.g. initiating disciplinary action and promoting suitable standards of behaviour
Back up
  • Act as back up for Publicity, Club Development, Coaching and Knock Outs
  • Develop and maintain an awareness of all other AU activities

For more information contact contact Andy Dick on