Elections - 18/03/2011

Rules for candidates
  • Official election rules are linked at the bottom of this page.
  • People running for the position of AU President will have a £100 budget this year.  Non-sabbatical positions will have a budget of £35. 
  • All campaign publicity for AU positions must use the Saints Sport logo, which can be found below
  • All campaign publicity must include the date of the elections and an encouragement to recycle.
Elections will follow the Student's Association rules 

More information about the elections can be found on the Union website here.

To Register as a candidate

You can nominate yourself online any time between 9am on Monday 7th March and 4pm on Friday 11th March. 
To do this you will need:
  • Your matriculation number
  • Two students (one to propose you as a candidate, and one to second you)
  • A 100 word candidate statement, or 250 words if you are running for a sabbatical position (this will be available for voters to see, so make sure it's interesting and let's people know why they should vote for you, and why you want the position)
  • A recent photograph of yourself (no nudity please!)

Athletic Union Hecklings - Monday 14th March, 6pm, School 6

Hecklings are an opportunity for you to meet the candidates, and for them to show you why you should vote for them, and why they're the best person for the job. All of the hecklings for the AU Exec candidates, including the candidates for AU President will be held together.

Athletic Union Executive Board Positions Available:
President (Sabbatical position)

Information about the position of Athletic Union President can be found here.
Vice President 
  • Primary roles:
    • Assist the President in the general management of the AU
    • Assist the Health and Safety Administrator by collecting in Health and Safety forms (Safety Liaison Officer)
    • Convene the AU Ball and Blues and Colours Dinners (with a co-opted social committee and Alumni officer)
    • Oversee Blues and Colours criteria for clubs with President, CDO and Administrator 
  • Secondary roles:
    • Act as backup for the AU President (with regards representation, strategy and club discipline)
    • Develop and maintain an awareness of all AU activities 
Contact vicepresident@saints-sport.com for more information.

  • Primary roles: (Backed up by the Administrator for the most part along with the CDO)
    • Formulate a Financial Club Agreement between the AU and all affiliated clubs
    • Set and monitor the AU budget and report to the Executive at meetings on the AU financial position
    • Ensure that all AU financial procedures are in accordance with University regulations
    • Supervise all club Treasurers and ensure that all clubs are managing their finances in accordance with University requirements 
  • Secondary roles:
    • Liaise with President over discipline issues and strategy
    • Develop and maintain an awareness of all other AU activities
Contact treasurer@saints-sport.com for more information. 

  • Primary roles (back up by Administrators and President): 
    • Keep minutes and update the minute books from the Executive meetings
    • Record attendance at meetings
    • Manage the training of drivers for the AU vehicles with Admin 2
    • Promote driver safety and procedures for transport
    • Deal with transport insurance claims with help from admins 1 and 2 
  • Secondary roles:
    • Assist with transport bookings
    • Liaise with President over discipline issues and strategy
    • Develop and maintain an awareness of all other AU activities 
Contact secretary@saints-sport.com for more information.

Alumni Officer
  • Primary roles (backed up by Vice President)
    • Liaise with Development office with regards fundraising and Alumni Database
    • Liaise with Clubs to gather alumni contact details • Manage the AU Alumni database
    • Produce a sports alumni newsletter
    • Manage Hall of Fame and Awards boards with DSE
    • Produce calendar of alumni events
    • Manage provision of Alumni clothing (blues ties etc) with Admin 1
  • Secondary roles:
    • Help with clothing provision
    • Develop and maintain an awareness of all other AU activities 
Contact alumni@saints-sport.com for more information. 

Publicity Officers 

This year there will be two publicity officer roles: Web Officer and Design & Photography Officer.
Contact publicity@saints-sport.com for more information

Web Officer 
  • Will be trained in T4, the University Web CMS & the Google apps suite
  • Responsible for ensuring that all clubs have an up to date website
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining the Athletic Union web sites and other Athletic Union web based communications and publicity
  • Responsible for the Athletic Union Google apps suite
Design & Photography Officer
  • Will be trained in Adobe InDesign & Photoshop and provided with the AU graphic design laptop and access to the AU DSLR
  • Responsible for the visual output of the Athletic Union: posters, flyers, web graphics & the annual AU Club Guide etc
  • Responsible for the integrity and development of the Saints Sport brand
  • Responsible for University sports photography

Remember, all publicity for AU candidates must contain the saints-sport logo