Weekly Bulletin

posted 25 Feb 2011, 00:45 by Athletic Union Publicity   [ updated 25 Feb 2011, 03:53 ]

Evening all, apologies that this is slightly late - I will try to keep it brief as well!

1) Elections: For those interested in running, please have a look at yourunion.net/elections - it should have all the rules (though they are to be updated somewhat) and requirements for running for the AU positions. They are on the 18/3 and Hecklings are in School 6 on the 14/3 at 1800 - please wear trainers to this!

2) Sinners Sport: This coming wednesday, Week 4, Union. I think we got up to 15-20 clubs along last time - still the more the merrier though..(think trainers!)

3) Transport Moan: Please remember to keep signing off on all the forms and get bookings in early. It makes everyones life easier and legal.

4) Octopush: Anyone who is interested please contact Sub-Aqua as they are looking at starting a team.

5) 30th April: I am looking to hijack this weekend in St Andrews to encourage Saints Sport. On thursday 28th there is Blues and Colours, 29th is the Royal Wedding, 30th Sports Day, Sunday is May Dip day and Monday is a day off. Please keep the Saturday free as possible, there will be various offers coming round shortly when all the details are finalised, but in short there will be a sports/charities Fete, Academic Family Sports Day and a Hall Sports event going on all at the same sort of time.

6) From Jonny: If you want to do an AU driving test, the next test date is Monday 7th March.  You must have a clean EU, or American licence.  To register, bring the paper and plastic part of your licence to the AU office and sign up for a slot. (Please get the drivers to bring the paper part along right away when they sign up!)

7) The International Summer School of Scotland are recruiting:
We run an International Summer School in Scotland and every year we look for sporty undergraduates to employ as counselors:
Donna McGuire, Operations Assistant

8) From the sports centre about the BBQ: 

Hi All,


Last week the barbeque was put back in the cupboard still hot, the second time this has happened in the last 6 months! Whilst those running the barbeque have apologised and were very embarrassed we also have a responsibility to not let this happen again. Next time we might not get that lucky!


In the future if the barbeque is being used [supervisors at the centre] do not let the user put the barbeque away that night (i.e. don’t let them have the keys to the cupboard). Instead, please ask them to put some water on the barbeque (ice from the ice machines would probably be easiest) and leave it over night. The user will then have to come back the next day to clean it and put it away (supervisors/rec assistant please check it is clean).

9) AU Charities: Just to clarify, the position of AU Charities Rep is one from the Students Union who are liaising with us - it is not an AU position for those of you who were wondering.

I think that is it - keep up the wins and some good results from all sports this week! Please keep passing relevant information onto your club members.


AU Club Website Training

Club website training will take place in the BUTE PC lab on Monday 28th Feb at 1830hrs
Every club must send at least one person to this training, unless the following are all complete on your google site
1. Intro Blurb complete
2. Contact details complete
3. Committee page up to date inc photos
4. At least one image or slideshow on your home page
5. Your constitution is available through your site
6. Your events calendar displays your regular training times
7. Your site has information on how to join and when/where to go.