Saints Sport Bulletin - 6/9/12

posted 6 Sep 2012, 09:51 by Athletic Union President   [ updated 6 Sep 2012, 09:52 ]
Hi All,  
I hope that those of you that have come back for pre-season have had a great time and that you're all excited for the madness of Fresher's Week! We have quite a few messages to pass on this week, so please take your time to read through them all.  

1. Captains Meeting 
Please make sure that each of your Club Captains/Presidents are at the meeting on Monday 10th September. It's taking place at 6pm in School 1 of St Salvator's Quad. Please note that this meeting is compulsory for all clubs. Should your Club Captain or President not be able to attend then please send your next most relevant committee member.  

2, Club Excellence
A reminder that the Club Excellence Programme will this year run from Monday 10th to Tuesday 18th September in Schools I and II of St Salvator’s Quad. The programme is attached with details of what each session will cover and a recommendation of who should attend each session. Be aware that this is only a recommendation (apart from the Club Captain's meeting), each club may send whoever they feel is most appropriate for each session but every club must be represented at each session in order to achieve the Club Excellence stamp. There will be further sessions arranged for later in the year and clubs will be supported through individual club development meetings over the course of each semester. Any questions should be directed to Student Sport Development Manager, Pete Burgon, at

3. Saints Wednesday/Give It A Go Day - Wednesday 12th Sept
I have attached the Give It A Go poster. Please make sure that you are all at your locations in advance of your meeting times so that you can set up and meet any first years which arrive early. 

4. Saints Saturday/Sports Fayre - Saturday 15th Seot
The Sports Fayre will take place from 11am-5pm. The sports hall plan has now been done - you all just need to turn up at 10am on the day to set up your stands. Please make sure you are there on time. We will have extension leads but please make sure you all bring fully charged laptops as well. 

5. Driving Tests 
More driving tests have been scheduled in for Wk 1 and Wk 2 - i.e. 18th and 25th September. Please drop by the AU Office with both parts of your license (license and paper copy) to sign up for these. 

6. Re-registering AU Drivers
All previous AU drivers must come into the AU Office to re-register - otherwise you won't be able to hire out cars. You just need to bring in both parts of your license again to do this - it's in all of your interest to do this as soon as possible. 

7. Health & Safety Policies
Apologies for the confusion with these. It looks like some forms were submitted prior to the handover and they weren't passed on. If your club has already submitted a policy and has not been emailed by James then everything is perfect. If you have received an email recently then you need to either submit a signed copy or come and see James/Elaine and complete it. If this is done by Friday 14th Sept at 12pm then no fine will be issued. In addition, and in recognition of the mistakes, James will bring all the policies to the Captains Meeting on Monday 10th September. Any club wishing to check directly what they need to do can speak to James then and take the forms away directly from that to gather any additional signatures. Please get in touch with James if you have any other questions - 
8. The Games
Tickets have been selling fast for this. If you are and your club are wanting to buy tickets then you need to go on to the Union website and buy them yourselves as it's a Fresher's Week event. I'd suggest buying them in a group because then you don't each have to pay a £1.50 booking fee. You can buy them from: 
Or alternatively the Box Office at the Union opens tomorrow.
- Sinners Sport will be returning in Week 2!! You can then get tickets for your clubs through us as normal. 

See you all during Freshers Week I'm sure. Please make sure that you all make the most of promoting your clubs and what Saints Sport has to offer!

Best wishes, 

Emily Griffiths

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
-Saints Sport-
t:    01334 46 (2176)
m:   07540 671 355
Athletic Union President,
6 Sep 2012, 09:51
Athletic Union President,
6 Sep 2012, 09:51