Thursday Bulletin - 29/09/2011

posted 29 Sep 2011, 11:03 by Athletic Union President   [ updated 29 Sep 2011, 11:12 ]

Hey everyone,


I hope you all had a fantastic Freshers’ Week and that getting back into the swing of things isn’t too much like hard work! I would like to say a massive congratulations for Saints Saturday and for helping make the Sports Fayre such a great success. From the sounds of things, the sheer numbers signing up to membership lists speaks for itself. Check out the Saints Sport Facebook page for all the photos!

Onto this week’s bulletins…

  1. BUCS Results: Please remember to email or text me with your home BUCS results, the day of the fixture. If you hash-tag #SaintsResults using your club Twitter account, we will also get a live feed of results every Wednesday.
  2. Bookings: Just a reminder to say that now that it’s during term time, all booking requests are to be done through Jenny, our new assistant administrator (
  3. Circuits: Another reminder that general conditioning circuits are now open to all clubs and run every Monday and Thursday, 5-6pm. Please note the slightly earlier time than last year, and circulate this to your club members.
  4. Sports Centre Membership: To all clubs whose sessions use Sports Centre facilities: please ensure all your members are aware that they need Sports Centre membership in addition to individual club membership.
  5. Club Coaching Audit 2011/12: Please can every club fill out the coaching audit form (only takes a few minutes). Deadline: Friday 14th October.
  6. Project Zambia: Applications will be open over the next week or so. Please filter this down through your club committees and members. It is an opportunity of a lifetime!
  7. Club Excellence Programme: The next Club Excellence session will be on 'Marketing Your Club' and will take place on Monday evening at 6pm in Venue 2 at the Union.
  8. Booking Cancellations: I have shared an up-to-date version of all the booking cancellations for 2011/12 with you all on Google Docs. Those clubs affected have already received notification of these so there should be no surprises.
  9. First Club Captains’ Powerpoint Slides: Please find attached the Powerpoint slides of the first Club Captains/Presidents meeting.
  10. Events and deadlines: Just a reminder to keep an eye on the events and deadlines calendar on your Google Docs and also on the CMP home page.

Right guys, enjoy the rest of Week 1. Hopefully this good weather will last…!


With muchos Saints Sport love,


Athletic Union President,
29 Sep 2011, 11:11