Thursday Bulletin - 26/04/2012

posted 26 Apr 2012, 18:44 by Athletic Union President
Evening all,

Hope you're all having a great week. Thanks everyone for coming along to the Health and Safety meeting on Tuesday; there will be info in next week's bulletins regarding the Safe St Andrews Sport handbook and the required Health and Safety Policies. It has been decided to postpone the Club Captains'/Presidents' meeting (mentioned on Tuesday) from revision week until next semester, so you can all revise in piece!
Onto the bulletins...
  1. Volunteering and outreach: There will be a number of volunteering and outreach opportunities for members of your clubs over the course of the next academic year in partnership with Fife Active Schools.  Interested students should contact James Fenna on to discuss different opportunities and begin the PVG process in order to start early in September 2012.  For further information on opportunities to assist or lead club activity sessions, work within primary or secondary schools or become a ‘sports leader’ please contact James at Active Schools or Pete Burgon, St Andrews Student Sport Development Manager on
  2. Blues, Half Blues & Colours Winners 2012 & Sports Ball TicketsWinners for Blues, Half Blues and Colours can be found in the attached document. Blues and Half Blues will be presented at the Sports Ball on Thursday 24th May. If you are not yet on a table we are now selling individual tickets from the AU Office for £55. We can only accept payment by cheque. Please also note we have a limited number of tickets remaining, and we cannot reserve tickets without payment. Colours certificates will be distributed to clubs for them to award at a social or training of their choice.
  3. Stellenbosch Warm Weather Training: The next meeting to discuss the Stellenbosch 2013 WWT will take place on Thursday 3rd May from 6.15pm (Club Room). The purpose of this meeting is as follows:
    • For Clubs to feedback estimated numbers, names and contacts of those wanting to attend.
    • Clubs to identify main contact points for their Clubs
    • The opportunity to raise additional concerns or questions that need to be answered to enable the Club members to be able to make a decision about attendance.
  4. Cycle4SEEd: Fancy a 'fun-run' cycle on Saturday (28/04), all in the name of sustainability?? Come join Sustainable Development graduate, Marika Ramsden, as part of her national cycle filming a documentary tracking the sustainability efforts of schools and communities throughout the UK. There will be a 12 mile route, and also a 40 mile option for those hard core cyclists. More info can be found in the embedded link above.
  5. Kit deadline: Just a reminder that the order deadline for the cheapest sea freight orders to be here by next academic year is 30/04.
That's it for another week. Enjoy the good weather(!), and best of luck with all those deadlines!

With muchos Saints Sport love,

Andrew Hall
Athletic Union President,
26 Apr 2012, 18:44