Thursday Bulletin - 24/11/2011

posted 24 Nov 2011, 17:50 by Athletic Union President
Hey everyone,

Hope you're all doing well and looking forward to getting into that festive spirit. Just a few more weeks worth of hard graft and sporting domination. There were some great results all round this week, and I was also delighted to see that Boat, Women's Hockey, Polo and Snowsports have been selected to pitch their clubs against the Dragon's in tomorrow's spin-off Dragons' Den event. Why not head along to the Venue 1 at 18:30 to support our sports clubs (entrance is free)!
Onto this week's bulletins:
  1. Saints Sport Ball: We would love to reinvent the main sports ball of the year to include the awards presentations at the end of the year. This would obviously mean major changes to both what has been the Blues and Colours dinner and also the now extinct 'AU Ball'. Whilst this is our goal, there are significant financial obstacles to overcome and also the question of a suitable date. Your is feedback needed! Our proposition would be to host the event on the evening of Thursday 24th May - the very last day of the summer exams. Our question to you is simple: would your club members be prepared and keen to ensure they are in St Andrews and come to the event on this date? Please ask around your club to see what the general consensus is before reporting back to at the AU Exec Question Time next Thursday.
  2. Publicity in the Union: Hannah has managed to secure the use of the TV screens in the Union for pop up publicity. If any club wants home games publicised in the Union and around town, they should email at least one week before the fixture.
  3. Charities: We want to know what charity fund raising is being done out there! If your club has been raising money this year for charity, please contact Caitlin Stephen (cs769), the Sports Rep for the Charities Campaign, with details of what has been raised thus far and for which charities. It would be fantastic to know how much money is being raised through Saints Sport.
  4. Google Docs Accounts: A reminder from Andrew (Caldwell), please make sure your accounts are up to date on your Google Docs spreadsheet in order to ensure no fines are issued.
  5. Green Ops Live: The Royal Marines Commando team is bringing Green Ops Live to St Andrews on Tuesday 6th December from 2pm to 4pm at the Sports Centre. They are looking for self-motivated and active young people who want to be tomorrow’s inspiration leaders. Check out the link for further details and sign up.

That's all folks. Hope you've now all fully recovered from Raisin's shananigans and are looking forward to a somewhat more peaceful weekend ahead...!

With muchos Saints Sport love,