Thursday Bulletin - 23/02/2012

posted 23 Feb 2012, 21:14 by Athletic Union President
Evening all,

Some great recent results this week as the Saints Women's Volleyball become Scottish Champions and Men's Fencing continue their domination by moving on through to the BUCS Championships semi-finals...great job all!
Hope everyone had a fantastic time who went along to the Athletes' Date Auction tonight; £750 was raised for Project Zambia which was a fantastic outcome!

This week's Bulletins:
  1. Treatment of AU/Rental Cars: Please be aware that AU and hire cars mistreatment is going to be cracked down upon. These cars need to be treated like they are your own cars. We have recently had issues with lights left on and batteries dead, windows left wide open and also a door left completely open all night. This is not acceptable. You are expected to fill the cars back up to full when you return them and the AU will not be paying to fill the cars up again this semester. If cars are not treated correctly and returned in a fit state, fines will be issues. So, idiots guide checklist for the taking out/returning cars:
    • Check the cars before they are taken out. Look at tyres, petrol, for bumps and damages. Note down and tell the AU if there is anything you notice.
    •  Fill the car back up FULLY with petrol on return.
    •  CLOSE all windows, doors, boots etc. 
    •  Turn off all lights. Headlights, fog lights, parking lights. 
    •  Make sure that the road tax is being displayed.  
    •  LOCK the car!
  2. SSDM Update: All applications for SSDM are now in. Shortlisting will be done next week with interviews to follow the week after. We shall let you know as soon as the position has been filled!
  3. Kukri Team Kit clothingfor 2012-13: Kukri will be here on Thursday 12th April to meet with and order any team playing kit required for next Academic Year. Please follow the embedded link to the Doodle Poll in order to book one half hour slot that's not already been taken(!) between 08:30 – 17:00pm to sort out your kit.
  4. Cycletricity: It's extremely pleasing to see such a positive uptake to this Saints Sport Green Week event. For more information, for sign up and for the schedule, please take a look at this line (as per the sub-heading). Let's show the rest of the University how Saints Sports Clubs role! :-)
  5. Rectorial DragSave the date: Monday 19th March. You should have all now received information about the Rectorial Drag. The drag will be ending up at the Sports Centre this year, providing the perfect opportunity for sports clubs to meet the Rector. More info to follow...
Right, that's all for another week folks. Enjoy the rest of the week, have a fantastic weekend, and get hyped for Cycletricity!

With muchos Saints Sport love,