Thursday Bulletin - 22/03/2012

posted 1 Apr 2012, 16:08 by Athletic Union President
Evening folks!

It's that festive time of year again when we all look forward to a cheeky wee visit from the Easter Bunny himself... And with him this year, he has brought another eventful week of sporting success! And what a great week it has been for Saints Sport, with the BUCS Conference Cup finals: gold medals being brought back from the Men's Hockey 1sts and Women's Basketball 1sts - great job guys! :-)
  1. Athletic Union Executive: I'd like to say a massive congratulations to the AU Exec Elect, who have been voted into position for the forthcoming academic year. Congratulations to Emily Griffiths, James Rivers, Eric Morden, Catriona Bennett, Madeleine Gunn, James McMahon - your elected AU Exec!
  2. Spring (Easter!) Break: Please be aware that the Athletic Union will be very short staffed over the break period. If you are wanting transport booked over this period and have not yet done so, please please please do so as soon as possible!
  3. Saints Sport warm weather training seminar: Many of you may have heard already that there are plans for a multi-sport mid-season warm weather training camp (proposed for the new year at Stellenbosch University Performance Sport Institute, South Africa). If this is something that you or your club may be interested in, please come along to School II of Sallies Quad on Tuesday 10th April (7pm) for more information. A working group will be organised at this meeting from which more advanced plans will follow...This is your chance to get involved!
  4. The Charities Campaign are skydiving: See Scotland from the sky (07/02/2012) at Glenrothes Airfield. If you raise £300 for the six nominated charities, the Charities Campaign will cover the cost and your jump will be for free. If you raise less than the £300, the cost will be the difference. We are asking for a £100 deposit to secure your place, and will of course help you to raise sponsorship by assisting you to set up a just giving page, and providing you with sponsorship forms. If you have any more questions, or are keen to sign up, please do contact

Hope you all have a fantastic break, and I look forward to meeting some newly elected club committees...

With muchos Saints Sport love,