Thursday Bulletin - 19/04/2012

posted 19 Apr 2012, 19:42 by Athletic Union President   [ updated 19 Apr 2012, 19:45 ]
Evening fellow Saints Sportians!

I hope all your committee handovers are going well, and that everyone is getting keen with planning for another exciting year in 2012/13! There are however still loads of things still going on this year and some exciting events to look forward to (not least the Sports Ball!!!). This week I would like to recognise the Rugby guys' fantastic achievement in  securing the Caledonia League title - great job guys! Bring on promotion!
On to this week's Bulletins...
  1. Nominations for Sports Awards: A couple of our annual sports awards were missed out when we transferred to electronic submissions this year - apologies for this. All clubs are asked to submit nominations for Athlete of the Year and Coach of the Year. Please note that Coach of the Year is open to all clubs for nominations, not just the focus sports as previously indicated. Please email with your nominations by 5pm on Tuesday 24th April for them to be considered.
  2. Pre-season Training 2012:  Over 500 athletes, representing over 20 different Clubs attended Pre-Season Training 2011. In the 5th year of organising this event the AU and DSE are hoping that the weeks activities will be bigger and better than ever before in 2012 – Sunday 2nd-Friday 7th September 2012.  To get involved please visit the AU Club web portal and complete the Pre-Season registration form by the 30th April (link also embedded above).
  3. Design and Photography Officer:  We are currently looking into appointing a new Design and Photography Officer as no nominees were received for this position for the AU Elections 2012. Please click on the embedded link above to view the responsibilities of the role. If you are interested in applying, please email for further information by Thursday 3rd May.
  4. Coaches: Along with coaching invoices can all coaches also now complete the Fees Personal Details form found on the forms and files section of the CMP.
  5. AU Car Tax Discs: I would like to make everyone aware of a very serious issue which has arisen this semester. It appears that somebody/persons have intentionally been removing tax discs from the AU Vans, one can only assume, for personal use. This is a very serious issue as it constitutes left (a police matter). Not only are task discs expensive, but for whatever time one of our vehicles is sitting in the car park without a tax disc, it is not able to be driven and is illegally registered. I can only hope that no one reading this email knows anything about these thefts, but if you do I urge you to please come forward. There is a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes, especially from Elaine and Jenni, when it comes to maintaining the Athletic Union's fleet of vehicles. You will notice that over the break they all got fully valleted (cleaned in and out). Please do make every effort to ensure your club respects these vehicles as your own: doing full car checks before and after use, returning them in the state you found them (including diesel level) and carefully filling in the paperwork. If there is a repeat of the past couple of months, it is a very real possibility that there will not be any AU cars available in the future for clubs to use... I appreciate your cooperation on this one, and ask that you please circulate this message around your club membership. Thanks.
I'm sorry to end this week on such a serious note, but it really is important for the sustainability of the AU fleet of vehicles that the vans are properly looked after.
I hope you all have a fantastic end to the week and that all the club development meetings are going well and proving useful.

With muchos Saints Sport love,