Thursday Bulletin - 15/09/2011

posted 15 Sep 2011, 09:02 by Athletic Union President
Hey guys,

Congratulations everyone for a most enjoyable and successful pre-season. It's the last couple of days so let's push strong and look forward to Friday's pre-season bash! As pre-season draws to a close, Freshers' Week draws ever nearer and indeed also the academic year of 2011/12. What better way to kick things off than with the year's first Thursday Bulletin. Enjoy!

  1. Club Captains/Presidents Meeting: Just a reminder of the first Club Captains/Presidents Meeting next week, Monday 19th. The meeting is at 15:00 in Venue 2 and attendance is compulsory for all Presidents.
  2. Saints Wednesday (21/09/2011): Once again I have attached all your give-it-a-go sessions. Please ensure you're all ready to go on time as this is a busy day and we can't have sessions running over. There is also a Facebook event for Saints Wednesday; please do join this event and circulate around your club members.
  3. Sinners Sport: I know you're all looking forward to this one. Make sure to have your kit ready to whack on and take over the night! Things are kicking off in the Union at 9pm (Saints Wednesday). Please promote this night to all the students who come along to your give-it-a-go sessions and encourage them to come along in the relevant sporting attire.
  4. Saints Saturday (24/09/2011): Sports Fayre kicks off at 11am, please ensure that you're there with plenty of time to set up. Please also be prepared to give change to paying members who may not have the exact cash for club membership costs - due to high levels of Fitness+ membership, it is unlikely that reception will be able to help out by changing notes etc. There will be the a Saints Sport marquee set up on the lawn out the back of the Sports Centre for the garden party; I encourage as many clubs as possible to also have additional publicity out there, be it a post, balls, frisbees, bikes or whatever the mark of your trade is!
  5. Transport: Please follow this link for important information regarding registering AU drivers, driving tests (including the minibus test) and other new transport information. Please note that existing drivers must re-register if they are to drive this year.
  6. Photos: Please remember to send through any decent action photos of your sport (especially with Saints Sport branded gear). A lot of frames have been ordered to put more club pictures up around the Sports Centre, so it's in your own interest to send them through!
That's all for now. See you all on Monday at 3pm!

With muchos Saints Sport love,

Athletic Union President,
15 Sep 2011, 09:04