Thursday Bulletin - 13/10/2011

posted 13 Oct 2011, 11:15 by Athletic Union President

Hey everyone!

As we approach the end of Week 3 I’m beginning to wonder where the past month has gone. Was great to see some great results yesterday. Shout outs to Men’s Rugby 1sts, Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Basketball for their convincing home wins in 1A!

Please be sure to familiarise yourselves with this week’s Bulletins…

  1. Facility booking: Any matches, be it BUCS, national league, local league or friendlies must be entered onto the booking system in order that the Sports Centre is aware and can accordingly prepare lines, goals, changing rooms etc. If you have any matches outside the realm of BUCS/SSS, please send the details to Jenny, the assistant administrator ( so that the booking information can be added to the system.
  2. Booking Cancellations: It is essential that everyone checks the booking cancellations document shared with all clubs on Google Docs. Please take note of any days you do not have a session and circulate around your club members. Various clubs have been turning up to sessions for which there is no booking through simply not checking and circulating this document – please do so now.
  3. Club Excellence Website Requirements: These are now on the CMP, please ensure that your club's site meets at least the minimum requirements as soon as possible.
  4. Coaching Audit: Just a reminder that the deadline for filling out the coaching audit deadline form is tomorrow (17:00). All clubs must fill out this form.
  5. Club Membership Lists: Deadline for current membership lists is Friday 21st October (17:00). They can update the lists as and when after this but all current members should be done and accounted for by 21/10.
  6. Coaching Contribution: Just a wee reminder that you have if you were granted a coaching allocation of funds last year, you still need to reapply this year via the linked form (available through Forms and Files section on the CMP).
  7. Project Zambia: Please note that the Project Zambia application deadline is 17:00 tomorrow! Please circulate around your club members.
  8. Volunteering Opportunities with Junior Saints: Gary Brankin is looking for some volunteers to help with kids’ coaching on a regular basis for multi-sport sessions and also football sessions. Check out the link if interested.
  9. AU Camera Booking: Due to problems with the online booking form, all requests to use an AU camera should be done directly through Rona, (
  10. Scottish Student Sport: In line with the move from Scottish University Sport to Scottish Student Sport, SSS have new Facebook and Twitter pages.
  11. Sinners Sport: 26/10/2011. Yes that’s right, the next Sinners Sport is coming up! Get keen and keep an eye out for the upcoming Facebook event… Saints by day. Sinners by night.

Cheers guys, enjoy the rest of the week and have a fantastic weekend!

With muchos Saints Sport love,