Thursday Bulletin - 10/05/2012

posted 10 May 2012, 19:13 by Athletic Union President
Evening all,

Some delightful reading below for your procrastination - enjoy! :-)
  1. Outstanding Kukri invoices: If you have placed (and received!) Kukri orders over the past year, please do pay any outstanding invoices to Kukri *immediately*!
  2. Club guide info: Please can all clubs fill out info for next year's Club Guide through the embedded form. Deadline: 03/06/2012
  3. Graduating students: Could all clubs please fill out the linked form for all graduating students, or get your graduates to fill it out themselves. This is so that our records are up to date, and gives your graduates a chance to sign up to our annual newsletter.
  4. Sports Reunion: There will be a sports reunion event hosted in St Andrews on 23/06/2012, run as a combined effort between Saints Sport and the Development Office. Please pass on the info found through the embedded Facebook link to all your alumni, on any alumni Facebook pages and invite them to the event. The event also welcomes graduating students so please do invite your final year club members as it will prove to be a fantastic event.
  5. Club photos: The Presidents/Club Captains photo is now available to be picked up from my office. Please come by to get your clubs free copy. All the club photos taken are available for purchase through link embedded above, so please circulate the link around your club membership if you had a photo taken. There is also the 'fun' Presidents photo which is available to buy (a personal favourite!).
  6. Text updates: If you are not an incoming President/Club Captain but would also like to receive the mobile text updates that they receive, you can opt in via this link.
  7. Photo Competition Promotion: SSS are currently running a photo competition where the top 3 pictures will receive brand new SSS hoodies plus additional photos will possibly be used in future marketing campaigns.  You are encouraged to send in exciting/cool/funny/awesome/interesting sporting photos to the SSS flickr page (as linked above). If you don't already have a flickr account, take a few seconds to create one and then start posting to the photos group!

That's all for another week. Hope revision is going well all round and best of luck with exams!

With muchos Saints Sport love,