Thursday Bulletin - 09/02/2012

posted 10 Feb 2012, 03:15 by Athletic Union President   [ updated 10 Feb 2012, 03:27 ]

Evening all,

I hope everyone had a fantastic inter-semester and is keen for a successful sporting semester 2! Some important bulletins this week, so please do read on...

  1. Refreshers’ Fayre: Union, this Sunday, 11-4; Saints Sport will be setting up in the foyee of the Union. Anyone keen to support their clubs is welcome, although table space cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Driving Tests: Two new car driving tests next Thursday and Friday. Sign up in the office and minibus test is still being organised but will be coming
  3. Club News Releases: A reminder to every club can log their own new releases through the CMP, following the 'General Info' then clicking 'New Releases'.
  4. Blues & Colours Criteria: Please find the Blues & Colours criteria for every club attached to this email. These criteria were fully reviewed in 2010 so should accurately reflect the required standards of awards across all sports. However, if the competitions your club enters have changed since then and you would like to request a change to your criteria please email Neil ( by 5pm on Monday 13th February. Nomination forms will be sent out later.
  5. Sinners Sport: Wednesday 15th February. Its time for the first Sinners Sport of the semester, this time it is part of RAG Week celebrations! Tickets will go on sale to clubs on Wed 15th from 12 noon until 4pm. Tickets are £1 per person and will be available from an AU Exec member in the RAG Week ticket office in the Union. Please send one person per club to buy tickets. Any remaining tickets will be on sale on the door from 9pm for £1/£4 (sports kit/ no sports kit). 
  6. Green Week: Saints Sport has grand plans for energy generation and inter-club rivalry for Green this space!
Enjoy the rest of week 1 folks, and let's make this semester one to remember in Saints Sport history! :-)

Muchos Saints Sport love,

Athletic Union President,
10 Feb 2012, 03:15