Thursday Bulletin - 05/01/2012

posted 5 Jan 2012, 15:22 by Athletic Union President
Happy new year fellow Saints Sportians!

Hope you have all had a fantastic break and are all feeling rejuvenated for 2012. I know you are all busy with exam revision, but please take the time to look over this week's Bulletins and do keep checking your club accounts.
  1. Give-it-a-go sessions: Thank you to everyone who has submitted their give-it-a-go sessions. If you have not yet, please do so now via the given link (in blue). We would like each club to run at least one give-it-a-go session over Re-Freshers' Week (6th - 12th Feb). We will be publicising these sessions so it is really important that we get all the give-it-a-goes submitted as soon as possible.
  2. Student Sport Development Manager: Rona has now officially left. To keep you all in the loop, the position of Student Sport Development Manager is going to be filled as soon as possible but this will unfortunately not be until after Semester 2 has begun. In the meantime, please do not email but instead direct any club development issues my way. Garry Brankin (gb50) will be the Club Excellence contact until the position of SSDM is filled. I am sure you all appreciate the fantastic work Rona has done as CDO/SSDM, and we do ask for your consideration and support during this transition period.
  3. Club Bookings: Please note that Jenni is only part time and is not currently working. As a result, until Semester 2 starts I will be the point of contact for all booking requests.
Best of luck with exam preparation (and procrastination), and please do submit the give-it-a-go form if you have not already done so.

With muchos Saints Sport love,