Thursday Bulletin - 03/05/2012

posted 3 May 2012, 19:12 by Athletic Union President   [ updated 3 May 2012, 19:17 ]
Evening all,

So here we are - the last week of class for another year (and for some of us, the last ever week of class...*sob*). Still some big sporting events and fixtures coming up though. Best of luck to Men's Golf in the BUCS Team Finals and also to the Boat club for the BUCS Regatta 2012. And on the topic of rowing, a massive congratulations to the Boat Club for a fantastic weekend's worth of achievements at the Scottish University Championships, in particular to the men's top four who are now Scottish student champions - great job guys! :-)
Some really important info and updates in this week's Bulletin so please read on!
  1. Presidents/Club Captains PhotoAll outgoing Presidents/Club Captains are reminded that this photo will be taking place at 13:00 in the Quad. You will all be receiving a copy of this photo, free of charge. Please wear sports kit and bring along any representative equipment (balls/rackets/sticks etc etc). There are a few spaces left if clubs want a club photo. Please text/ring me asap if you would still like a club photo (07540 671 355).
  2. Club Administration Matrix (CAM): The Athletic Union will be implementing the new Club Administration Matrix to keep track of which clubs have fulfilled all the administrative requirements set by the AU, plus additional benefactors such as the Club Excellence Programme. This is a very simple and straightforward way for clubs to see exactly what is required from them, and what outstanding jobs they have to do. It will also provide a basic indication of how well each club is operating functionally, and will be available for everyone to see. Similarly to the Club Excellence Stamp, those clubs that have a perfect record on CAM will be the clubs most likely to receive most support and funding from the Athletic Union...
  3. Facility booking requests: (Deadline: 25/05/2012) The embedded form is designed to allow clubs to declare their preferences for training times and venues for the next academic year.  Please complete the attached in as much detail as possible to give us the best chance of allocating the most appropriate facilities for you.  Typically your club will be allocated training slots between Monday 10th September and the week beginning Monday 3rd December and again from Monday 21st January to the week beginning Mon 22nd April.  Please also indicate anything which may require access to training slots outwith these dates.
  4. Safety Policies: Club safety policies will be must be in by 25/05/2012. These must be in in order to for clubs to have facilities booked or to be awarded funds. The Safe St Andrews Sport handbook will be distributed amongst club pigeon holes in the coming days - please consult the handbook before submitting your policies.
  5. Club accounts: Completed club accounts to be in by 25/05/2012. Google docs to be fully updated by then as well.
  6. Changes to Transport Budget Allocation: At the start of June all clubs will receive a transport Budget allocation form. This must be filled in and returned by 1st September 2012. This is to give the incoming treasurer a better idea of each clubs requirements.
  7. Final Sale of Sports Ball Tickets: There are a limited number of Sports Ball tickets remaining for purchase at £55 each from the Athletic Union Office. The final day to buy tickets is Friday 11th May - we will be unable to sell any tickets after this day. Tickets can be bought individually or in groups and payment needs to be by cheque. For clubs already with tickets details of wristband pickups will be sent out next week.
  8. Pre-season training meeting: Seminar/Staff Room, Thursday 10th May from 6.15pm (should last about an hour) for a Pre-Season Training meeting for representatives from all interested Clubs to attend.
Best of luck with revision folks, and see y'all soon!

With muchos Saints Sport love,