Saints Sport Bulletin 29.01.15

posted 29 Jan 2015, 04:55 by Athletic Union President
Dear All,

I hope you have all had a good first week back. Its been a busy week for us with redevelopment and from next week, the main entrance will close and Reception will move to the rear of the building.

Club Google Sites:
Google sites which are not used will be deleted by the end of next week. Please either update your information on these, or provide us with a link to the website that you use so we can redirect people to up to date information.

Transport Budget Reallocations:
Any clubs wanting to apply for an additional allocation of transport funds must email Mark with details of their needs by the 5th February. Please note that amount of money available for reallocation is significantly smaller than the amount allocated at the start of the year, so not all enquiries will result in additional funds being allocated.

Bank of Scotland Issues:
We've had a disappointing number of responses regarding issues with Bank of Scotland. Please email Mark detailing issues encountered so we can raise it with the bank. 

Facility bookings:
Any club sessions that will not be used during the coming semester or over the March holiday MUST be cancelled in advance either through the online form on the CMP or by e-mailing Pete on  Failure to cancel will result in a fine but also prevents that slot from being used by someone else so please consider other users.

New members: 
New members joining teams this semester should have membership purchased by Monday 9th February.

Club Captains Forum:
The Club Captains Forum is confirmed for Thursday 5th February at 6pm in School 2. The first part of the session will run as usual with discussions on alumni, fundraising and handovers. This will be followed by important updates on the coming semester and an opportunity to ask the Exec any questions you might have.

SSS Regional Activity:
Please see the attached flyer for information of SSS Regional Activity, open to all. 

That's all for this week. Remember to send your news and stories from over the break to Fergus for next week's Saints Sport News.

Have a great weekend,

Athletic Union President,
29 Jan 2015, 04:55