Saints Sport Bulletin 13.11.14

posted 13 Nov 2014, 08:33 by Athletic Union President
Hi All,

Just a few notices for you this week, please make sure you circulate them to the relevant people:

Treasurers' Forum:
This will take place on Thursday 13th November at 6-7.30 in School 5. Topics for discussion have been sent out by Mark so please come prepared.

Club Captains Forum:
The next forum will take place on Thursday 20th November from 6-7.30 in School 3. Topics to follow.

Facility Bookings:

A gentle reminder that where booked sessions are not going to be used, that clubs let us know via the cancellation form on the CMP -  This allows us to reallocate facilities where appropriate and means the club are not subject to a £25 fine for non-attendance.


BUCS Playoffs:

These are likely to take place over the Easter Break this year. If it looks like your team will make the playoffs, please make sure you are available to play and don't book travel home.


Updated Club logos are now available for use on the CMP. As previously mentioned, the University is clamping down on branding and how it is used so please make sure that you read the rules and regulations that Ferg will be sending out and use the logos appropriately.


The final Sinners of the year will take place on Wednesday 26th November (Week 11). We're going all out to make it big as it will be one of the last events to take place in Venue 1 before it closes for redevelopment. Ticket details will be announced over the next week so keep an eye on your emails for information.

Have a great weekend,