Saints Sport Bulletin - 7/11/2013

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Hi All,

I hope you had a fantastic Halloween and Raisin Weekend!! Not long now until our final Sinners of the semester!  The bulletin items for this week are,

1) First Aid Supplies 
First aid supplies have now arrived in the office, please come along to replenation any items you may be missing from you first aid kits.If you have any questions or specific kit supply requirements please email Gino,

2) Club Captains Forum +Exec. Question Time  - Tues. Nov. 12th, School 1 5:30pm
Please remember that there is a mandatory club captains meeting before the AU Exec. Question Time on Tuesday. All club captains are required to attend, if you are unable to make it please make sure there is a representative from club there on your behalf.

3) Alumni Engagement 
All sports clubs are warmly reminded that club alumni officers (or any other committee member with an alumni interest) are welcome to contact Soph the AU Alumni Officer for support and guidance on setting up communications and events involving saints sport alumni. There's a lot of enthusiasm on engaging our old teammates, from the University as well as the AU, and we should make the most of the resources this opens up to us. Let's make our unofficial motto even more true - once a Saint, always a Saint!
On another note, clubs are invited to #FF @StsAlumni for updates and quick answers to 140 character questions :)

4) Volunteer Opportunity – Sport Support Programme

Volunteers are now being sought to assist the Sports Support Programme which is designed to assist people in implementing sport/exercise into their day-to-day life as a way to manage particular problems they may be experiencing or to gain an increased sense of personal well-being.  Over the past few years the programme has been an effective resource for people who might be having trouble socially, are feeling a bit homesick, have difficulties with mild anxiety or depressive symptoms or people just feeling like they need to add some structure to their lives.  Volunteers typically get referrals from Student Services and immediately begin liaising with fellow students to set up a time to meet and get to know one another, find out what the person referred would like to explore in relation to the Sports Centre and set up a time for a first session.  Full training and support will be provided for all volunteers.  If you are interested in getting involved with this programme or have any questions please contact Pete Burgon on

5) Club Development Meetings

Any club seeking a Club Development Meeting should e-mail Pete Burgon on to arrange a suitable time.

6) Healthy Body Healthy Mind Initiative 

Saints Sport is once again launching it's Healthy Body Healthy Mind initiative! There will be a series of one off events promoting the benefits of physical activity on mental health throughout the semester, culminating in Well-Being Week starting April 7th.

7) October Newsletter 

A huge thank to Lexy for putting together a fantastic newsletter for October (attached)!  There is still one more chance this semester to contribute to the Christmas newsletter!

8) Exec Minutes 

Please find attached a copy of the Exec. minutes from this week's meeting

9) Christmas Sinners - Wed. Nov. 20th 

Please be aware that the last Sinners of the semester will be taking place on Wed. Nov. 20th so make sure to arrange your christmas dinners accordingly. 

Upcoming Events

AU Questions Time - Tues. Nov. 12, School 1 5:30pm

MOvember Ball - Sat. Nov. 16th, Scores Hotel

Christmas Sinners - Week 10, Wed. Nov. 20th 

Well-Being Week - Week of April 7th

Hall of Fame Awards Evening - April 24th 

That is all for now folks! I hope you have a great weekend.

See you all soon!


Jessica Walker

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
-Saints Sport-
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Athletic Union President,
7 Nov 2013, 13:47
Athletic Union President,
7 Nov 2013, 13:47