Saints Sport Bulletin - 31/1/13

posted 31 Jan 2013, 08:28 by Athletic Union President
Hi All, 

I hope you're enjoying the first week of term - it's certainly good to have you all back again! We have quite a large number of notices for you all this week so please take the time to read through everything and make sure you pass on all relevant pieces of information to club members and committees. 

1) Summer Internships with Saints Sport
Saints Sport has decided to get involved with the St Andrews Summer Internship Scheme this year and there are two four-week internships available:
- Golf Events 
- Marketing & Publicity 

The University will provide either accommodation within a University Hall of Residence for the period of the internship, or a re-imbursement of £180 per week to cover the intern’s self-
organised board and lodging (paid at the end of the internship). The deadline for applications is Friday 1st March 2013. Have a look at the following link for more information on the two Saints Sport roles and also on internships available within other university departments:

2) Club AGMs 
These have to be held before Easter break so please make sure that you plan accordingly. We will be issuing some more information on AGM etiquette and good handover procedures in due course. 

3) St Andrews Strip The Willow World Record Attempt - Sunday 10th March at 2pm on South Street
If you haven't seen already we're trying to break a world record! I will be in touch with you all soon about trying to get your clubs as involved with this as possible. This is a university and town wide event, however Saints Sport is very involved with the organisation of it. As such it would be a great result if we did manage to pull it off and having all of your involvement is key! Thanks in advance for your support with this. It should hopefully be great fun! In the meantime please can you all 'like' the following facebook page so that you can stay up to date with plans:

4) AU President Elections 
The time has come to start thinking about elections! Elections week will be Wk 6 (w/c 4th March) and nominations will need to be submitted to the AU the week before (i.e. Wk 5 - deadline being Friday 1st March at 12pm). I have attached last year's AU President job description and a person specification. Please note that these aren't finalised copies but I thought I'd email them out now because they should give a good indication of what the role entails - we will be updating these and will reissue the new version. Should any of you be interested in running and would like to sit down to discuss the role then please feel free to get in touch with me. More detailed information will be published in the next week or ten days but I thought it was a good idea to give you a heads up now.  

5) First Aid Course - 16th February, 9am to 1pm
To sign up for the course, please come to the AU office at any time with cash or a cheque (made payable to the University of St. Andrews) for £35. You can not reserve a place on the course without bringing payment. Spaces will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis. 

6) SINNERS SPORT - Wednesday 6th February
Ticket Sales will be IN THE UNION from 11am-4pm. Same as usual please send one representative of your club with the correct cash to purchase your bands for the night. 

7) Saints Sport Newsletter - deadline extended to Sunday 3rd February
If you have any more articles to be sent in for the newsletter Kirstie will still accept them - deadline is Sunday at the latest. Can those clubs that had tours over the break please make sure that they submit articles. Please send articles to with photographs if you have them. 

8) Articles for The Saint - deadline this Friday 
If you have any articles for The Saint then please email them to James by the end of tomorrow. His contact details are

9) Transition 
Transition are holding their monthly Open Forum next Tuesday at 5.30pm (5th Feb). Although this event is always open to anybody they would like to specifically invite sports clubs (as well as other groups) along to this event. One of the discussion points is going to focus on Green Week (taking place in week 7) so the forum may give clubs ideas of events to hold and give you some inspiration for the Green Sports Club Award.

10) Gym Use 
The gym is pretty busy at the moment - if you want to do fitness as a group then don't forget that there are circuits on Monday or Thursday. Alternatively please contact Pete and he will see if there are any facilities available for group use. Other than that please try and come in small groups to the gym because it's pretty mobbed at the moment. 

11) Exec Minutes
Please find attached the minutes from our Exec meeting this Tuesday. 

Finally here's a video for you all - maybe there's some dance moves that can be stolen from it for next week's Sinners:

See you all soon! 


Emily Griffiths

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
-Saints Sport-
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Athletic Union President,
31 Jan 2013, 08:28
Athletic Union President,
31 Jan 2013, 08:28