Saints Sport Bulletin - 31/10/2013

posted 4 Nov 2013, 00:05 by Athletic Union President
Hi All,

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a fantastic evening and are looking forward to this weekend's festivities. Not too many items this week thankfully. 

1) Club Captains Forum  - Nov. 12th, School 1 5:30pm
This is your opportunity to discuss issues that your committees have faced so far throughout the semester and discuss ways you may be able to tackle those challenges. This is mandatory meeting so Club Captains/Presidents please make sure you have representation there. This will be followed by the AU Question Time at 6pm which is open to all students!

2) Transport 
A number of clubs have expressed concern at their transport budget allocation. There was a rigorous process undertaken to establish the allocation for each club and the funding is limited by what resources are available to the Athletic Union. Clubs should re-read the AU policies for transportation funding. 

Car hires are published on the CMP within a week of the booking, that is on the confirmation sheet. If the booking needs to be amended please

3) Hall of Fame Nominations 
Nominations for Hall of Fame awards are now open! The AU would like to recognize those who have performed at the highest level, have a close connection to the University and who also embody the Saints Sport ideals. Please think consider any previous members who may fit the criteria.

4) AU Exec. Minutes

Please find attached a copy last week and this weeks minutes!

5) SSS Brand Ambassadors 
SSS are looking for some keen students to get involved in promoting SSS and Viper10 throughout their universities.As an ambassador you will gain invaluable experience in event management and a greater understanding of student sport. SSS are looking to have all the nominations in by Friday 29th November, to elect the Brand Ambassadors on Monday 9th December

Upcoming Events

AU Questions Time - Tues. Nov. 12, School 1 5:30pm

MOvember Ball - Sat. Nov. 16th, Scores Hotel

Christmas Sinners - Week 10, Wed. Nov. 20th 

Hall of Fame Awards Evening - April 24th 

I hope you have a great Raisin weekend! Hope to see you all son.


Jessica Walker

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
-Saints Sport-
t:    01334 46 (2176)
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Athletic Union President,
4 Nov 2013, 00:05
Athletic Union President,
4 Nov 2013, 00:05
Athletic Union President,
4 Nov 2013, 00:05