Saints Sport Bulletin - 30/5/13

posted 30 May 2013, 07:55 by Athletic Union President
Hi All, 

I hope you're all enjoying the holidays! I have a few bits and pieces to pass on to you for this week: 

1) Incoming Students 
Please find attached the first list that we'll be sending through of students joining us as first years next year. Please please go through the lists, contact the individuals and then invite those of the relevant standard to join you for pre-season training. 
*This is a great opportunity for you to get them engaged with your clubs early on and for you to get to know one another before term kicks off. 

2) Deadlines 
We are still waiting on some clubs for a number of different documents, if you haven't sent them in to us yet then please do so as soon as possible. We need the following, please send each item to the email address alongside it: 
3) Pre-season
Planning has started for pre-season so if you haven't submitted your register or an intention as a club to attend then please email by Friday 7th June, otherwise Debby will assume no other clubs will be participating. 

4) Match Balls  
Please note that the AU will not be covering match balls for the next academic year. All clubs will need to fund this cost themselves. Please check with BUCS rules and regulations that you are using the correct size and/or make of ball. 

I'd like to also make you all aware that two big volunteering initiatives are on the go this summer: 
* Saints Volleyball Outreach *
Five of our Women's 1sts Volleyball team headed out to Zambia last Saturday and will be working out there for a month at various schools and communities. Find out more about their project here:

* Project Zambia* 
Five students will be continuing our annual involvement with Project Zambia over the summer. They're each heading over there for two months, and will be coaching sport to local communities, orphanages and schools. You can keep up to date with the group via their facebook page below and a blog that will be released very soon:

Looking forward to lots of you coming back for Grad Week! 

Emily Griffiths

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
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Athletic Union President,
30 May 2013, 07:55