Saints Sport Bulletin - 28/3/13

posted 28 Mar 2013, 09:53 by Athletic Union President   [ updated 28 Mar 2013, 09:56 ]
Hi Everyone, 

I hope you're looking forward to coming back to St Andrews - we have had all the bad weather that can ever be had so rest assured that it will be a topical paradise when you return. On to this week's bulletin items: 

1) Club Captains Photo - Tuesday 2nd April at 1pm
The photograph for 2012/2013 Club Captains/Presidents will be taking place in The Quad at 1pm on Tuesday 2nd April. Please wear your club kit and if you'd like to bring along some equipment then please feel free to. 

2) Cycletricity - Tuesday 2nd April in Church Square
We're all set for this coming Tuesday. Please make sure you are there on time to start your slot, if you are late you will only be disadvantaging yourself in the competition! Three spots left for any clubs which are interested - see here to sign up:

3) Club Excellence Programme
There will be a single evening of Club Excellence Sessions for new club committees on Monday 15th April from 6pm in School 5, St. Salvators Quad.  The first session, starting at 6pm is a general introduction to Saints Sport and will include much information that will be of use to new committees in advance of the summer.  Rather than send a whole committee, clubs are encouraged to send only two or three officials to this first session.  This will be followed by Marketing and Promotion which will run in School 5 from approximately 6:45pm and is being promoted specifically to Club Presidents and Secretaries (and any other officer with relevant responsibilities).  At the same time, 6:45pm, in School 6 there will be a Fundraising and Sponsorship session, essentially for Treasurers, Alumni Officers and any other officer responsible for related activities.  Be aware that these are only suggestions and clubs can clearly send any representatives to any sessions that they wish.  Any questions can be directed to Student Sport Development Manager, Pete Burgon, on

4) Club Development Meetings
The first fortnight of April has been set aside for Club Development meetings for new and old committees to meet with the Student Sport Development Manager, Pete Burgon.  This is an opportunity to actively review the year ending, consider plans for 2013-14 and elicit support from the Athletic Union for future activities.  To book a thirty-minute slot, please select a time on the attached poll -  Any questions can be directed to Student Sport Development Manager, Pete Burgon, on

5) Sports Ball - Thursday 23rd May
Just a quick reminder that the Sports Ball will once again be taking place on the last day of exams - make sure you book your travel for after this date so that you don't miss out! James will be in touch in the coming weeks about how to buy half and full tables. 

Alright so here's a video and a quote for this week.. no real relevance to either but there we go!
"The brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all." The Princess Diaries

Looking forward to catching up with everyone next week, 
Emily x

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