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Hi All,

Hard to believe that it's already the end of Spring holidays! Congratulations to those that have been elected to their new positions. The bulletin mailing list will continue to go to the Club Captains/Presidents personal email accounts until we have received all of the committee contact information for the new committees. Please make sure you pass it along to the newly elected Club Captains/Presidents as well! There are quite a few very important notification so please read carefully and pass along the relevant information!

Club Development Meetings - One of the ways in which Saints Sport supports its clubs is by providing advice and support from a professional and, perhaps more usefully, external perspective. Club committees are therefore invited to book a meeting with the Club and Competitions Manager, Pete Burgon, for a chat on their club in general, specific issues or a combination of both. Please use this poll - - to select a time that suits you to come to the Sports Centre to meet with Pete.

New Club Captains Meeting - Wednesday April 9th,  5:30pm - 6:30pm, Venue TBC
Congratulations to all those on their recent elections to the various committees! There will be a new Club Captains Meeting at 5:30pm, attendance is mandatory as it will contain pertinent information for the running of your committees next year!

AU Exec Applications - 31st March - 14th April
Applications for the AU Exec. positions will be opening on Monday, 31st March. An email will be sent round Monday detailing the full process, please make sure this is distributed to your members as widely as possible! Attached is a copy of the Job Descriptions for reference. All applications should be emailed to

AU Exec. Selection Panel Club Captain Elections 
The election will take place at the end of the meeting. Please ensure that any incoming Club Captains/Presidents (the person in charge of overseeing the club as a whole) are aware of their opportunity to participate in this - we have not received of all the new committees yet and as such this distribution list has not been updated.

There are commitments expected for the two individuals chosen which are as follows:
Shortlisting: April 14th-April 18th
Interviews: April 21t- April 25th, specifically April 22nd. The hope is to have all the interviews in one day, however there may some spill over.

Sinners Week 8! - Wednesday, April 2nd
Sinners is back, April 2nd inside the re-open Venue 1! There's not better way to kick off the second part of the semester than with a  good old fashioned sports night. Tickets will be on sale in the AU office from 11-1pm Monday and 11-1pm Tuesday. Same guidelines as usual, only a maximum of 40 available on the Monday and the remainder can be purchase on the Tuesday.

Resilience Session - Tuesday April 8th 12:30pm-2pm, Medical Seminar Room 1
Cat Wilson is offering a Building Resilience Session on 8th April and is even offering a free lunch! Please offer this to your members and remember to reserve your space:

Influencing Skills and Confidence, Motivation, and Mindset Workshops April 1st & April 8th 

Cat Wilson from CAPOD is running a number of sessions for recently elected committee members of sports clubs, societies and Student Association members. Information about the sessions can be found on the cmp.

Well-Being Week -April 7th-11th
Saints Sport has lined up some exciting events for Well-Being Week including free sports taster sessions, A Nutrition for Health talk/juice session at Zest, the Smoothie Bike and a 5km Fun Run taking place April 11th from 10:30pm-12pm all information on the plans for the week can be found on the facebook page and through the website, events are open to all students:

Sports Ball Tables Payment- April 1st 5pm
Table allocations for the ball have been communicated by Gino along with how payment is to be made Please remember that tables must be paid for by April 1st at 5pm. Clubs that fail to pay risk losing their allocation.

ISSOS Vacancies
ISSOS are recruiting counsellors for their Summer programmes. Please see flyer attached for information

Phew glad we managed to get to the end of that one! As always please pass along any relevant information to committee members to be sure that nothing is lost over the handover period.

Upcoming Events:

Sinners - April 2nd and April 16th

Jonny Wookey Memorial Varsity Game - April 8th

Football Alumni Match - April 11th 

St Andrews 7s - April 19th

Tedder Challenge - April 23rd

Have a great weekend.


Jessica Walker

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
-Saints Sport-
t:    01334 46 (2176)
m:  07786066638

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Athletic Union President,
28 Mar 2014, 11:06
Athletic Union President,
28 Mar 2014, 11:06