Saints Sport Bulletin - 24/09/2013

posted 16 Sep 2013, 01:43 by Athletic Union President
Hi All,

I hope you had as great a time as I did last night! It was a great way to kick off our sinners sport for the year. Give-it-a-go sessions were a huge success thank you to everyone that helped out on the day!

There are several important items this week so please make sure you read through them all. 

Saints Saturday - attached is a copy of the table plan for Saturday. Please remember that you need to bring a laptop to have access to the membership lists online! Also remember to bring lots of change, there will not be any available at reception!

1) Financial Agreement - As mentioned in the Club Captain's meeting and more specifically in the Treasurer's training, Clubs are from now on required to formulate a mutual agreement with the Athletic Union called the Financial Agreement. This was handed out at the Treasurer's training, but can be accessed via:

(Please note that there was a slight mistake in the document I handed out at the treasurer's training. In the summary section, fuel should be listed under expenses and not income.)

Please print it out single-sided. The deadline for this document is Sunday the 22nd September 2013 at 2pm. Clubs cannot receive any funding if they fail to submit an accurate and complete agreement by this deadline.

The slides from the treasurer's training can be accessed via:

2)Coaching Information

 All coaches (paid or unpaid, student or external) supporting clubs at the University of St Andrews are required to complete copies of the attached ‘Club Coaching Information Required’ document and return them, with copies of their qualifications, to the Athletic Union Office.  This will allow us to communicate with those coaches about the development of your club and also keep them up to date with any information they may require; access to the facility, coaching development opportunities, etc.  Once this is completed, each coach will be provided with an information pack of everything they will require for the year so please ensure all of your coaches complete and return the attached as quickly as possible.

3) Fife AC Run Jump Throw Club Development Opportunity: 
Fife Athletic Club is looking  for some enthusiastic and motivated students to help us establish Run Jump Throw Club athletics sessions for primary aged children in the local area. Are you interested in coaching children and helping them  learn different athletics skills? This is a great opportunity to gain nationally-recognised athletics coaching qualifications and practical coaching experience . We're looking for students who are inspiring, organised and dependable, and  good at communicating with children. You don't have to be an elite athlete, just someone who enjoys working with children in a sporting environment. If you're interested in following this up, please contact Lesley Thirkell and attach a cv.
4) The Games tickets our sincerest apologies to those who were confused by the sinners tickets for Wednesday evening. The purpose for reserved tickets was because the Union would only allow 300 tickets to be released to the AU. Tickets were then allocated on a first come first served basis. This however will not be the case for future sinners events! There will be plenty more tickets available for sinners week 2!

5)Club Excellence Feedback 

Many thanks to those of you who have attended one of the Club Excellence sessions so far.  We are keen to make this programme as relevant and effective as possible so please take less than five minutes to complete the feedback questionnaire that can be found here -  As ever, please forward this to anyone within your club committee for whom it applies and direct any questions to Pete Burgon on

6) Safety Policies 

Safety policies are due to Gino, by 5pm Friday. Please make sure you have done this!

Save the Dates: 

Driving tests - 19th,20th,26th Sept, 4th Oct. - please bring in your license, remember if you have a UK license please bring in your paper copy!

First Aid - 28/29th Sept - Sign-up is £35 for the 4 hour course! You can reserve your space by emailing and bringing your money into the AU office!

Reffin Brilliant - 5th/6th Oct - This is a chance for clubs to get members qualified who may need more referees for the year! More details will be outlined in next weeks bulletin

Long one today, but I hope you're all having a great freshers week so far! Remember tomorrow is your chance to get as many members to sign up as possible so make the most of it!

See you all soon,


Athletic Union President,
16 Sep 2013, 01:43