Saints Sport Bulletin - 20/9/12

posted 20 Sep 2012, 14:32 by Athletic Union President
Evening All, 

I hope you're all enjoying being back in lectures! Right here's this weeks bulletin, apologies for the length of this email but please read everything carefully and pass on the messages to the right people on your committee as normal: 

1) Accident Form 
There is one joint form from both the sports centre and AU for this - please submit one of these should any accident occur at any stage this year. The form can be found under Health & Safety in the Forms and Files page of the CMP:

2) Project Zambia
Please remember to let me know by t
 he end of this week (pushed this back to Sunday evening - 23rd) if you are interested in going to Zambia next summer. Please circulate this information around your clubs. 
At this stage we're just looking for interest from individuals. The application procedure will then be explained to those who have expressed interest. Please have a look at the following link for more information: 

3) Home fixtures 
Home fixture results must be reported to Elaine immediately after the match. Either pop into the office or email Elaine straight away at

4) Saints Sport Newsletter contributions due 25th Sept.
We are producing our first Saints Sport newsletter at the end of this month. Please make sure you email Kirstie any contributions by 25th September -

5) Kukri Website
Here is the link to the Kukri Varsity website. All prices on this website are now the same as the prices that you'd receive from putting your order through the AU. As such all orders should ideally be done through the website, however, we will still be able to help with one off or difficult orders. 

6) Football for the Future
We are pleased to announce that we are also now supporting Football for the Future. More information about the project can be found on the Saints Sport facebook page. We are currently looking for volunteers to help run the project, which is based in Columbia. These volunteers will be expected to commit to attending meetings to discuss ideas and plans, and to help with organising fundraising events throughout the year. There is also the possibility that volunteers could visit the project over the summer, to help with training, teaching or first aid. Please email Jenny Mallon at if you are interested in taking part. The following facebook page has more information about the project: 

7) Sinners Sport
That's right it's back! Tickets are available from the AU Office on Wednesday (26th) from 12-5pm. Please send one representative from your club with the correct cash - £1/ticket. Venue 1 - 1000 capacity. Doors open at 9pm with the last entry being 12.30. Lash in your Stash. General sales at 10pm where it'll be £3/ticket. 

8) Club Coaching 

All coaches (paid or unpaid, student or external) supporting clubs at the University of St Andrews are required to complete copies of the attached documents and return them, with copies of their qualifications, to the Athletic Union Office.  This will allow us to pay those coaches in a timely fashion and also keep them up to date with any information they may require; access to the facility, coaching development opportunities, etc.  Once this is completed, each coach will be provided with an information pack of everything they will require for the year so please ensure all of your coaches complete and return the attached as quickly as possible.

9) Sports Matrix 

Please find this attached. This aims to track progress, identify strengths and development areas for the clubs, and provide a strategic tool for future coaching and development appointments. There are some sections that require clubs to complete data retrospectively – these areas are clearly defined. The majority of the information required is for 2012-13 and the clubs will be required to complete these sections as the year progresses. The shaded boxes will be completed by Saints Sport, whoever is the most relevant person. The white boxes will be completed by the club.

Deadlines for the matrix are as follows: 

- Sunday 30th September - 1st submission (largely retrospective)

- Friday 21 September – Term 1 data collection

- Friday 8th March – Term 2 data collection

- Friday 31st May – Term 3 (Final) data collection

All information submitted needs to be as accurate as possible, otherwise it is redundant.

10) Minutes from Exec
We're meeting tomorrow morning - the minutes will then be sent out to you all in due course.

Apologies again for the length of this.. hopefully you've read up unto this point. If you have then I'll leave you with this.. 
We had a good team on paper. Unfortunately, the game was played on grass" - Brian Clough

Best wishes, 

Emily Griffiths

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
-Saints Sport-
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Athletic Union President,
20 Sep 2012, 14:32
Athletic Union President,
20 Sep 2012, 14:32
Athletic Union President,
20 Sep 2012, 14:32