Saints Sport Bulletin - 20/04/2014

posted 20 Apr 2014, 23:04 by Athletic Union President

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the incredible sunshine we had! It's hard to believe that it is almost the end of Semester two...Good luck to everyone with the remainder of their coursework, exams etc. Again please remember that this bulletin is still the old emailing list and must be passed along to the incoming committee. There are some very important notifications this week,

Kit Supplier Meetings - May 5th-9th

As requested at the Captains meeting teams  please need to come formalise orders they would like to make for the upcoming season between May 5th-9th. A doodle sign up poll will follow over the next few days with how to sign up. As is mentioned below please make sure there is someone appointed to check the email account over the summer so we are able to process your orders! More information will be distributed shortly so please sit tight

Required Forms Submissions - May 9th

There are a number of forms we have asked to be submitted by May 9th at 5pm. I cannot stress enough how important these forms are. They are a requirement in order to be affiliated with the AU. Failure to submit any of the forms will result in a re-examination of affiliated status. With that said each club will have a folder shared with them tomorrow, Tuesday April 22.  . In this folder there is the outline that explains all required documentation and how the forms are to be filled out.

Club's facilities request form 2014


This form is your club's opportunity to declare what the optimal training sessions will be for you during academic year 2014-15.  Please complete the form in as much detail as possible to give us the best chance of allocating the most appropriate facilities for you.  Typically your club will be allocated training slots only during term-time.  Please indicate anything which may require access to training slots outwith these dates in the special requests or requirements box at the bottom of the form.  Please also ensure that someone is checking the club e-mail account over the summer as this is when any questions will be asked of clubs and also when the final allocation will be circulated.


Saints Sports Newsletter - May 5th
There have be a number for tremendous success of our clubs this year! Please submit anything you would like in April's newsletter by May 5th. There will be the opportunity to write a review for the final newsletter rounding off the year to go out in the middle of June so still some times to get an article in!

Saints Sport Intern Opportunities
We are seeking to add to our current pool of interns by appointing students in the following positions: Hall Sport and Health and Fitness. These internships will commence from September 2014 until the end of April 2015. If you are interested and want more information click here<,241629,en.php>

Upcoming Events
Saints Sport Hall of Fame - April 24th

That's all for this week but please make sure you're passing on all information to incoming committees.

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