Saints Sport Bulletin - 18/4/13

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Hey Everyone, 

I hope everything's been going well. This week's bulletin is quite a lengthy one so please make sure that you pass on items to committee members and to your club where appropriate.

1) Kukri Club Meetings - Thursday 25th April 
A second day of meetings has been set up with Nicola from Kukri. Please click on the following link if you'd like to sign up for a meeting to discuss ordering playing and leisure kit for next year:

2) BUCS Team Entries - deadline 30th April 
Team entries are due in by 30th April. If you haven't contacted Elaine by this date then you will have the same entries put in as this year. Please contact Elaine at if you have any changes. 

3) Administration Deadline Day – 17th May
Following the Captains Meeting on Monday (presentation attached) the following items are required from each of you by the end of Friday 17th May; latest Club Constitution, Budget Application, End of Year Accounts, Safety Policy (including Equipment Inventory), Facilities Request (, Club Guide Info (Googledocs Form to follow, Copy of Club Account Changeover Form from the Bank.  Any questions about any of the above can be directed to the Student Sport Development Manager, Pete Burgon, on

4) Dates for Pre-Season Training for 2013 are Sunday 1st – Friday 6th September.
Clubs need to start thinking about:
·         Spreading the word! Who will be coming – Debby will need names, contact details (email) and days attended by each person.
·         Who will be the main point of contact in each Club for effective communication of Pre-Season?
·         Start dialogue with prospective coaches regarding availability during this week and coaching costs.
·         Look at last years Fitness and Conditioning schedule (attached). Debby would like Clubs to comment on the content and request/recommend changes if necessary. It will also be possible 
          for C
lubs to request Club specific sessions, but resources limit the possibilities here.
·         Debby will organise paperwork to go out to the Clubs for next week, but Clubs should start thinking about what their timetable might look like – Friday night should be kept free for the 

5) Alumni Database - deadline Friday 3rd May 
All clubs have been sent an Excel document containing a form to be filled in with details of your graduating members, so that they can be added to the alumni database. Please find the sheet that corresponds to your club at the bottom of the page, edit it appropriately and sent it back to Maddie at This needs to be done by Friday 3rd May at the latest to ensure we have an updated alumni database. If you have any lists of previous alumni that you have not already communicated to Maddie earlier in the year please add the details that you have to the document.

6) Transport Overspends - deadline Friday 10th May
All clubs have been made aware of transport overspends via email. This is a reminder that overspends must be paid by Friday 10th May. The transport fund is regularly updated on the CMP, and the amount listed there will be more up to date than amounts received by email. Additionally, submit your yearly accounts as soon as possible after you receive your April statement and at the latest by 17th May. If you have any questions then please email Eric at

7) Corridor Lockers
Those clubs who use the lockers in the corridor next to the Gymnasium will have seen that this corridor is shortly to be converted into storage.  Any club using one or more of these lockers, who has not already done so, must contact the Student Sport Development Manager, Pete Burgon, on before 4pm on Friday 19th April to ensure any kit or equipment stored in these lockers is not lost. Contact Pete with any questions.

8) Clubs using the Sports Centre Gym
It is important that clubs using these facilities are aware that the mats stored within the sports centre gym are the property of the University Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo and MMA clubs. If your club wishes to use the mats, please make sure that you contact these clubs with details on how and when you wish to use them. You will be provided with a mat hire form, as well as a set of guidelines on how to handle the mats correctly. For University affiliated sports clubs the mat hire fee is £6 an hour and a deposit of £100.

9) Gazebos for Polo Tournament
If any clubs are interested in purchasing a gazebo for the St Andrews Charity Polo tournament on Sunday 28th April then please contact Vivien at or the polo e-mail at If a team gathers 10 people, each person only has to pay £10 pounds for the private gazebo which comes with three pitchers of PIMM'S and access to the tournament all day. Alternatively any number of people can group together to buy a gazebo for £100. Limited number of gazebos left.

10) Sports Ball - Thursday 23rd May 
The facebook event for this is now up and running! We'll communicate ticket sale information to you all shortly. Tickets will be sold in half and full tables (i.e 5 or 10s)

I'm sure that many of you will have heard that Sir Chris Hoy announced his retirement from cycling today at the age of 37. Sir Chris Hoy studied Maths and Physics at the University of St Andrews from 1994-6 and is in the University of St Andrews Hall of Fame. Here's the BBC highlights from Sir Chris Hoy's career:

Hope to see lots of you down at the 7s on Saturday! 
Emily x

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