Saints Sport Bulletin - 07/02/2014

posted 10 Feb 2014, 04:56 by Athletic Union President
Good Evening Team!

I hope you have all managed to recover from Sinners! A slower start to the BUCS season with some called off games, hopefully the weather will hold out for us next week. There are several items on the bulletin this evening,

1) Newsletter Submissions - Feb. 24th
The newsletter is back for February! Some of you have been on some amazing trips so take this opportunity to advertise the exciting adventures you have had. Please submit any newsletter articles by Feb. 24th to

2) AU President Elections 
The time has come to start thinking about elections! I have attached last year's AU President job description and a person specification. Please note that these aren't finalised copies but I thought I'd email them out now because they should give a good indication of what the role entails - we will be updating these and will reissue the new version. Should any of you be interested in running and would like to sit down to discuss the role then please feel free to get in touch with me. More detailed information will be published in the next week or ten days but I thought it was a good idea to give you a heads up now.  

3) Club AGMs 
These have to be held before Easter break so please make sure that you plan accordingly. More information to follow as to what is expected.

4) Transport Log Sheets
As communicated by Max earlier in the week, transport log forms must be filled out and handed in to reception. You should be given a form with your keys however be prepared with a printed copy for your journey in case Reception runs out. Failure to turn in the form or if the form is handed in incomplete will results in a fine of £50, £25 if paid within the first 7 days.The excuse that you did not receive a form from Reception will not be accepted as you have all been provided with the form in several different ways. The form can also be found

5) Club Footage and Photographs Wanted
If your club has any footage or photographs from competitions this year, please send them to to be part of a short film which will be shown at the Blues and Colours ball and Hall of Fame induction evening. We're specifically looking for media from tours, competitions or outreach events.

6) Academic Flexibility
Please all remember that there is a procedure for requesting time off academia to represent the university within your chosen sport. All applications must be sent to Debby Sargent by at least 14 days before the competition. Please note that if it is a team competition then each individual must still fill out the form and send it over to Debby. We cannot endorse missed classes if you do not follow this procedure. 

7) Academic Conflicts on Wednesday Afternoons
We are looking into potential conflicts with sport on Wednesday afternoons. Please encourage your members to get in touch with their school, course code, and conflict if they are unable to take part in sport Wednesday afternoons because of class. Please email

8) Club Results Publicity
Doing well in your league? Won SSS? Improving on last year's performance? We want to know how well your teams are doing in competitions! Send a short paragraph and a photo to so we can report on your club's successes!

9) Sports Ball
The date of the sports ball will be announced shortly, however it is again going to be around the end of exams so plan your trips home accordingly!

Upcoming Events

LEAD 2014 - March 11th

Well-Being Week - April 7th-11th

Football Alumni Weekend - April 11th

Rugby 7s -  April 19th

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Just a little something to get you ready for the Winter Olympics!


Jessica Walker

University of St Andrews Athletic Union President
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Athletic Union President,
10 Feb 2014, 04:56
Athletic Union President,
10 Feb 2014, 04:56
Athletic Union President,
10 Feb 2014, 04:56