League and Event Registration and Fees

BUCS Leagues 
The AU Office will register your agreed teams for BUCS leagues. The AU Budget will fund the cost of registration. If your club has teams in BUCS or SSS leagues please click here for essential info. We are always looking for clubs to register more teams: speak to the Fixtures and Administration Manager  for more details.

BUCS & SSS Events & SSS Leagues 
The AU Budget fully funds entry fees for BUCS and SSS team events and SSS team leagues. It is entirely the club's responsibility to register teams for these events speak with the Fixtures and Administration Manager.  Please not that transport for these are to be paid either from your transport budget or club.

Non BUCS/SSS events and Regional Leagues 
The AU's Grant from the University is unfortuntaly not large enough to fund events which are not conducted under the BUCS or SSS administration. 

BUCS Knock outs and BUCS Championships events 
BUCS events which require prior qualification will have officials, accomodation and transport costs fully funded from the AU Budget. You must arrange a meeting with the Fxitures and Administration Manager immediatly after qualification to make the necessary plans. 

 BUCS Championships which do not require qualification will be funded as BUCS & SSS Events above.

Accommodation funding levels

Any accommodation costs for which your club plans to claim against the AU Budget MUST be confirmed with the AU Treasurer before booking. 

1. BUCS Knockouts Fixtures and Championships which require qualification are fully funded.

2. BUCS Qualifier Events, BUCS Championships (not requiring qualification) and SSS Championships (requiring qualification) are all funded at £15 per competitor per night. SSS Championships not requiring prior qualification are funded at £15 per competitor per night.

To get reimbursed for accomodation please follow the claim procedure.

Unfortunatly, the AU Grant is not large enough to fund BUCS & SSS League fixtures and any other events not covered above .