BUCS Team Knockouts Entry 

These are fully funded by the Athletic Union.  All fixtures needs to be confirmed by the club to the Fixtures and Administration Manager. The AU Office will in turn book all transport and accommodation if required.  This needs to be done at least a week in advance and this can only be done once the club has confirmed the team with the AU Office. 

If your sport requires prior qualification, officials, accommodation and transport will be fully funded from the AU Budget. Please arrange a meeting with the Fixtures and Administration Manager (au@saints-sport.com) immediately after qualification. 


Results (for home matches) must be reported to au@saints-sport.com as soon as you finish the fixture or get back to St Andrews and in any case by 08.30 AM the day after a fixture.  It is the team captains' responsibility to check that away matches' results have been accurately entered into BUCScore. Late reporting of results will result in a fine.