BUCS & SSS Fixtures

  • Each club must inform the Athletic Union the number of teams they wish to enter. The AU will then enter the teams for the appropriate league. 
  • The AU Budget will fund the cost of registration. 
  • It is the club's responsibility to pay for transport from either their transport budget or own club finances. 
  • We are always looking for clubs to register more teams: speak to the Fixtures and Administration Manager  for more details.

Club/Team Responsibilities

1. Teams in BUCS/SSS leagues must play all matches on the originally scheduled date if at all possible. Clubs are ultimately responsible for keeping up to date on their schedule
2. The individual club are responsible for confirming and arranging transport, officials (see here for more details on refs), post match hospitality and directions etc for their fixtures as and when necessary. Transport and accommodation booked through the AU Office must be booked 10 days in advance of the fixture.
3. The AU Office confirms the following details with the opposition Universities: date, location, start time and contact details. This is then published on BUCScore. If an opposing University schedules a match before 1300 on a Wednesday then you should email au@saints-sport.com
4. Dates and times for all league fixtures are published online using the BUCScore at bucs.org.uk . Fixtures are 100% confirmed with opposing Scottish institutions 9 days in advance - everything else is provisional. 

5. It is your responsibility to regularly check BUCScore for your fixture dates. Please do not create your own fixture lists (in word or excel for example) independently of the BUCS website as fixtures change frequently and this practice leads to confusion 
6.  Please remember St Andrews does not award walkovers.  You must not offer one and always speak to the Fixtures and Administration Manager.