Club Financial Changeover

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully. It contains information about Club Treasurers' Changeover and contains all the information needed to change the Club signatories.

If you have any problems or questions please email the AU Treasurer:

Changeover - Treasurers

This is the process whereby the current treasurer, in your case, hands over to the newly elected treasurer. This process should not take two minutes but there should be a transition period of about a week. It is the responsibility of the current treasurer to ensure that the new treasurer is fully briefed about the role and all documentation and cheque books etc are passed on.

In general each new treasurer should be given: 
  • A club cheque book 
  • A bank giro book with some money bags 
  • The club kitty, if it exists 
  • An AU claims book 
  • The Club’s Excel Spreadsheet for the past three years at the least
  • An introduction to the role of treasurer in your specific club

The newly elected treasurer will also have to attend a mandatory training session where they will be fully briefed about their role. The date, time and place of this meeting will be revealed in due course.

Synonymous with the changeover process, which involves other committee members too, is changing the club signatories so that you can write cheques and put money into the club account/s etc. This should be done immediately after the club AGM.

Each club should have three signatories on each account/s and always have at least two signing each cheque. While it can be a hassle to have two signatories this is for your protection. The process is as follows:

 1) Collect a changeover form from the bank, one for each account your club has – you will have to sign for this. (There are lots of Bank of Scotland forms and some Royal Bank of Scotland ones. For other banks email: autreas)

2) Fill in the form as required and follow the instructions on it.

3) Photocopy the filled in form twice and hand one copy into the AU Office to declare your club account/s. 

4) Take the original copy to the bank with all the new signatories, together with two forms of identification;

4.1) one photographic to prove your ID, e.g. passport, UK Driving License, Matriculation Card

4.2) one to prove your address, e.g. Bank/Society/Credit Card Statement, Full UK Drivers License, Utility Bill. 

The Bank of Scotland has requested that you do not do this between 12pm and 2pm because it is their busiest time.

If you are already on the signature list then you do not need to meet with the bank. Keep the second photocopy of the changeover form in your club folder so that come the next changeover the committee knows who to remove from the signatories list.