last updated 06/11/2014
Club Debt

All fines must be paid by cheque addressed to 'University of  St Andrews'. If fines are paid within 7 days of their issue date then the club only needs to pay half the fine.

Guide to the Debt and Fines Sheet

Tab 1 - Debt
Details of the total debt owed by clubs to the AU.

Tab 2 - Fines
Details of each fine including date issued, fine amount and reason for fine.

Club Fines

Fine-able offences 
  • Conduct unbecoming of a member of the Athletic Union - To be set at the discretion of the Athletic Union
  • Missing the deadline of the bank statement - £50 (full 100% payable in any circumstance)
  • Failing to submit drivers log form - £50
  • Failing to notify the AU of cancellation of a driving test within 48 hours of the test - £50

Fines Procedure 
  • Clubs will be notified by e-mail of the fine by the AU Treasurer only and the offence will be listed in the spreadsheet below. 
  • Fines must be paid by a cheque, made payable to 'University of St Andrews', and handed into the AU office for the AU Treasurer. 
  • Confirmation that fines have been paid will appear in the spreadsheet below.
  • If paid within 7 days, only 50% of the fine will be payable, unless state otherwise (e.g. late bank statement)
  • After a further 7 days the Club will be frozen (not considered by the AU as one of its affiliated clubs) until payment is received. 
  • If an appeal against the fine is to be made, it must be made within 7 days, in person by the Club Captain/President and the Club treasurer. Should the fine stand, then the date of the fine will be reset to the date of the appeal.

Please contact the AU Treasurer if you have any queries. The spreadsheet below is updated weekly.

CMP Debt and Fines