Last Updated 27/03/17

Athletic Union – Claims Procedures


  • All claims need to be submitted within one month of invoice or the event happening, whichever happens last. 
  • The AU cannot refund event entry until the team/athlete has competed.
  • Claims will be paid out once a month as for the University's pay our dates available here


Claims Form

·         The new claims process will now be entirely electronic, there will be no need to print and hand write any  documents.

·         The claims form template can be found here, please download form and open in Microsoft word.

If using the newest version of word, the claims form with have 1 claim on it to begin with, but you can add extra claims by hitting the plus sign at the bottom of the page

If using an older version of word you may need to use the compatible version which has a standard 6 claims.

·         Please complete the claims form, save it and email to, attaching any supporting documents.

Please make the subject of the email “[Club Name] Claim”.

Please give any additional details that you think may help us process your claim in the body of the email.

·         As always, please email me with any feedback you have.

Before making a purchase, please confirm with the AU Treasurer that your claim is legitimate.

If you are looking to make a claim from your Equipment Fund, you must contact the AU Treasurer before making the purchase otherwise you may not be refunded.

AU Grant can fund:
  • Agreed teams for BUCS Leagues. (See Competition info
  • Costs involved in BUCS and SSS competition. (See Competition info)
  • Club affiliation to National Governing Bodies (NOT affiliation of individual members) 
  • Accommodation (for BUCS and SSS events only). (See Accommodation info
  • A portion of club transport costs: (See Transport info for club treasurers
  • Costs associated with National Representative Sport (ie. being selected to play for a Scottish Universities team) (this will be decided on a individual basis)
  • Other costs detailed elsewhere within the Club Management Portal or agreed with the AU Executive on a case by case basis.