Website Requirements
Minimum for all Clubs (including those that manage an external site)
  • A functioning Calendar that has at least your regular training times.
  • An image (preferably a Picasa slide show) of your club.
  • Your current committee with photographs (if this is not on your external site)
  • Information on how to contact your club.
  • Unused pages and ‘sample’ content should be removed or replaced.
  • A link to the AU home page.

Club Excellence Standard
  • A calendar containing regular training times and any one off events you have planned.
  • A Picasa slide show on the home page, and relevant pictures or slide shows throughout the rest of the site.
  • A blog or news feed with at least bi-semesterly updates.
  • A blurb introducing your club.
  • A section letting people know how they can join, with special reference to beginners.
  • A map including places relevant to your club (Sports Centre, St Leonards Pool etc)
  • A section aimed at Alumni.
  • Consistent formatting throughout (Layout, font, font size etc)
  • Short biography and picture of your coach(es) (not applicable to all clubs)
  • Aims and aspirations of the club, including the level you are currently performing at.

External Sites Excellence Standard
  • As above, though you may ask for exemption by contacting if you don’t think one is appropriate for your site.
  • A link and a message on your saints-sport site directing people to your external one.
  • No broken pages, links or images.